Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lifebook Week 1 : Beacon of light

This year I am taking a year long art/mixed media class called Lifebook hosted and conducted by Tamara Laporte

The first lesson of the Lifebook was creating a  character who will symbolize a beacon of light or a guiding angel for the rest of the year.

We were taught how to create a big headed whimsical angel in Tamara's signature style.The themes are always open to interpretation and many an established artists gave their own spin on the project. I ,however having no experience in working on faces, followed the instructions pretty much to the letter. It's surprising though, how in spite of trying to follow all instructions, everybody's creations are a tiny bit different from each other.

As far as my artwork is concerned,I am sure there are many areas of improvement,but I love how serene her face is ,even if I say so myself.:-)

I stuck to the fairly monochromatic theme as followed in the tutorial but used some textued elements on her dress.

I think after I am done with all the lessons,I will go back and create my own versions and hopefully I would have learned enough to do so successfully.Wish me luck!:-)


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